The AutoRaise Impact

We engage with all vehicle repair industry stakeholders. Each has different needs.

The industry's skills crisis has and will continue to impact us for many years and with industry stakeholders voicing their concerns, something has to be done to address this major issue.

In AutoRaise, the vehicle repair industry has its own charity committed to addressing this issue through a range of activities and initiatives.

These are designed to expose a new generation to the industry, create effective opportunities and mediate between employers and young people to offer a programme that shows off the Vehicle Repair industry as an attractive alternative to other career opportunities.

Aims and Aspirations

Our mission

To create a sustainable pipeline of talent for the long-term security of the sector.

Our vision

To have the vehicle repair sector recognised as a career destination, brimming with youthful talent, securing skills that create a long-term sustainable workforce capable of safely repairing the cars for the next generation of drivers.

Our ultimate goal

To ensure the rate of technician attrition is surpassed in growth in new talent within this decade. To do this we believe we need:

  • 2000 new apprentice positions per year by 2025 – Circa 25% growth
  • Matched growth in training capacity industry wide by 2025
  • Apprentice retention rates above 80% by 2027 – Circa 20% growth
  • An average age of competent technicians below 40 by 2030 – Circa 20% reduction

New apprenticeship standards

We support BRIT (Body Repair Industry Trailblazer), the group formed by the merging of the AutoRaise and Collision Repair Sector Group to provide continual development and management of the five new Apprenticeship Standards they created individually; (Accident Repair Technician/ MET Technician/ Paint Technician/Panel Technician/Vehicle Damage Assessor) and continue to support their development in line with industry needs.

The group includes over 30 members from across the whole spectrum of the UK vehicle repair industry, 20 of whom are employers of apprentices. BRIT have taken responsibility of ensuring these Standards remain current and compatible with the ever-evolving vehicle repair industry. It is imperative that the industry secure every apprenticeship opportunity and that it uses all of these standards as building blocks for the development of a sustainable competent resourced sector for the future.
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