Pro-actively engaging, always supporting

AutoRaise operates a number of different channels to expose the Vehicle Repair industry to young people and motivate them to consider it an attractive career destination

AutoRaise interface and work with agencies, schools, charities, government and youth organisations.

We pro-actively foster engagement through general marketing, face-to-face presentations to key channels and our hands-on, "try it for yourself" Industry Showcase Events. This unique level of interaction with young people and their parents / teachers ensures high success rates.

Schools and Colleges

In conjunction with repairer partners, AutoRaise representatives visit schools and colleges to present the industry to young students and their parents.

Our industry is a fantastic career destination for young people and we showcase it to as much potential future talent as possible. We promote our AutoRaise Cadet initiative in schools to attract 13-15 year olds into relationships with local vehicle repairers at this crucial stage in their career decision making.

Armed Forces Repatriation

CTP Future Horizons are affiliated to the Ministry of Defence as a channel to repatriate young service men and women into civilian careers.

Unfortunately, many young people enter into the services straight from school then realise it is not for them. Once a candidate has elected to leave the armed forces, CTP will attempt to marry them with an Apprenticeship and the Vehicle Repair industry has been promoted by AutoRaise as a viable and exciting career opportunity. CTP Future Horizons have already provided a number of candidates to AutoRaise and we look forward to developing this partnership and welcoming many more new recruits from this source.

World Skills

AutoRaise represent the vehicle repair industry every year at this massive career showcase for young people.

We hold interactive demonstrations for young visitors to participate in and we use current serving apprentices from our Affiliated Repairers to carry out these presentations, engage with interested young people and talk about how great being an apprentice is in our industry. With over 70,000 visitors across three days, it’s a very busy event and we have been able to capture hundreds of young peoples contact details who might consider a vehicle repair apprenticeship for their first step into a career.

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