Interested in Vehicle Repair but not old enough to start an apprenticeship yet?

AutoRaise Cadets

If you are 13-18 years old you can enrol as an AutoRaise Cadet and start preparing for a future in the vehicle repair industry via a technical apprenticeship.

Anyone can become a Cadet, irrespective of their age or background.

The AutoRaise Cadet programme operates in two key areas:

Our hope is that through continual engagement and dialogue, a Cadet will want to join our brilliant industry when presented with an opportunity.

Whether still in full time education (for 13-18 year olds we will encourage the involvement and support of parents/guardians and school where appropriate), already started training in our industry with a college or even started a different career and have become disenchanted with it, individuals can enrol with AutoRaise as an AutoRaise Cadet.

Becoming an AutoRaise Cadet means:

Help to become employment-ready, providing guides, videos and best practice on how to demonstrate Cadets are already motivated, knowledgeable and have an understanding of the workplace and their potential employer.

Receiving regular Newsletter that provides information about the latest developments in our industry
Seeing the success stories of other young people who have already started their apprenticeship in our industry
Eligibility for work placement opportunities as and when they arise in the Cadet’s location
Opportunities to be interviewed for apprenticeship vacancies

AutoRaise get involved with various events that help expose and promote the vehicle repair industry to young people

Many of them are still at school and to those who have left school but are interested in becoming an apprentice in our industry.

At these events, we have an opportunity to talk to young people about our industry; the fascination of working on modern cars, the incredible earnings potential for qualified technicians and the amazing career opportunities within the vehicle repair industry. These events include Industry Showcase Events at vehicle repair locations around the country, School and College Career Fairs, The annual WorldSkills UK career show The AutoRaise Cadet Programme has been developed to provide repairers with a pipeline of motivated and informed young people, ‘work ready’ for Apprenticeships and jobs, that can be mapped with their future workforce needs.

Choose your own path

Look at the options to become a cog in this well-oiled machine.

From initial contact with customers, through assessment and repair of their vehicle, to handing back the keys, any vehicle repairer needs a team of specialist employees to carry out the necessary work.

Example Job Roles

Jobs are not one size fits all. Take a look at example jobs to help you find the perfect fit!


The easiest way to start a new career in the automotive repair industry.

AutoRaise Cadet

Interested in Vehicle Repair but not old enough to start an apprenticeship yet?
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