Vehicle Repairers: please support your industry charity by becoming an AutoRaise Affiliated Repairer.

We request a £50 per month financial contribution commitment and in turn, you will become a proud Ambassador for the charity and will automatically be enrolled as an official AutoRaise Affiliated Repairer.

AutoRaise is building its network of AutoRaise Affiliated Repairers who benefit from a number of AutoRaise support features designed to make the nurturing of new talent even more straightforward:

  • We can assist in student mentoring, providing "best practice" guidance and a channel for Employer / Apprentice mediation.
  • Facilitate communication between parents, schools and colleges, and engage with Training Providers.
  • Work together with Affiliated Repairers as hosts of AutoRaise Industry Showcase Events to support event planning and provide marketing and PR materials.
  • AutoRaise maintains a continual dialogue with Affiliated Repairers regarding potential AutoRaise Cadets and Apprentices.

These aids and support are provided with one aim - to make the Apprentice experience a positive one for all stakeholders.