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AutoRaise platinum partner profile: R-M Paint

R-M has gained a reputation as being more than a premium paint manufacturer. They operate as a genuine business partner, with a caring and supportive approach, and has been recognised as a major player in automotive refinishing for almost a century.

R-M’s unparalleled experience, flexibility and customer focus ensures the brand continues to provide the highest level of support and partnership with its innovative, easy-to-use solutions and high colour competence – always to ensure increased productivity and customers’ business success worldwide.

Q: Firstly, why did R-M decide to sign up as an AutoRaise Platinum Partner?
A: The brand values of R-M aligned perfectly with the aims of AutoRaise – being people focused, dynamic and innovative was a perfect marriage.

Supporting initiatives to develop the next generation of painters is in the DNA of R-M. For a number of years we have held the International Best Painter competition aimed at the best up-and-coming young talent in the refinish industry – the contest has been the launching platform for young people across the globe to carve a successful career as painters and technicians.

With this experience we know we can help AutoRaise address the ever growing age and knowledge gap that is appearing. As a thought-leader in our industry we have to address this to ensure the sustainability and successful future of the bodyshop sector.

Q: Has the current skills shortage in the bodyshop sector had an impact on your business/plans/approach/way you do business with repairers?
A: We are always looking for new talent to come into our business, but we are finding the number of younger candidates who have experience of our industry is starting to decline. It is important for us to have that broad mix of people and the impetus of fresh thinking to ensure we continue to develop innovative products and solutions for the refinish industry.

Q: Are there any lessons the bodyshop community can learn from R-M’s approach to recruitment, training and retention of staff?
A: R-M, through BASF, have a fantastic connection with the state of the art ITAS Academy in Milton Keynes, where we both provide the highest quality of hands-on training for the development of our teams. Through this unique partnership the very best training facilities are offered for not only experienced operatives, but also to young apprentices, giving them the best education in all disciplines employed in our industry.

Q: It’s an AutoRaise Twitter takeover and you’re in charge! In 140 characters MAX, why should young people consider a bodyshop technician apprenticeship?
A: Become a bodyshop painter apprentice – no other part of our industry offers that dynamic connection to colour, artistry and creativity!

Q: R-M is big on taking a ‘business partner’ approach – how does your partnership with AutoRaise fit with this approach?
A: Our partnerships are based on having the same cultures and mind-sets – we both have the same passion and drive to develop young people, having that same end goal means we are a natural fit as partners. The opportunity to take the lead in the refinish industry and work with AutoRaise to ensure the next generation of painters comes through was perfect.

Q: You have made a clear ‘pledge’ to support those in the industry who make a commitment to future bodyshop skills. In what practical ways does/can R-M help repairers – and specifically – bodyshop apprentices/their mentors?
A: We’ve recently conducted market research amongst our customers and the effort the R-M technical team put into training and knowledge sharing is highly recognised – they have a fantastic reputation in our industry as being experts in colour matching and sharing product knowledge with bodyshops. We see it as a priority to ensure we take the time to pass this on to any young people working in the bodyshops we work with and give them the skills to develop – they are the future of our industry.

We have a global training offer, with continuous people development and learning in our own business. We ensure that the knowledge and training that comes from the R-M head office in Clermont is passed onto our National Head Trainer, to our Technical team and then to our customers in the bodyshop. This way we have a constant updating of skills and knowledge across all touchpoints of our business.

Q: You have to write a TO DO LIST for AutoRaise! What three things should be our top priority, in your view?
A: An Autoraise-specific competitions for each skillset in our industry; approved partner specific events; develop some co-branded promotional material with platinum partners – let’s get the word spread further!

Q: As a leading refinish paint supplier R-M has, for a long time, played a central role in the bodyshop sector. Why is it now (more) important to R-M to invest in and support initiatives that go beyond the role of ‘supplier’ to bodyshops?
A: Partnerships and innovations are the key driver in our industry – supporting initiatives that go beyond being the paint supplier can only help strengthen this bond between ourselves and our customers. We’ve supported bodyshops for decades with leading solutions like our colour competency and Colormaster colour matching system.

Now the time has come for us to invest our time and resources into developing the young people working within our customers, ensuring bodyshops continue to grow and serve the industry for the foreseeable future.

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