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Enterprise transferring some of their unspent apprenticeship levy again

Enterprise having been one of the first in the industry to transfer some of their unspent apprenticeship levy funds are paving the way once again.

The Enterprise initiative enables repairers from their approved repairer network to apply for a funding grant from Enterprise to contribute to the costs of training and assessing the repairer’s apprentices. Enterprise is offering this opportunity to their repairers across the whole of the UK.

Nick Sweetman, Head of Vehicle Repair UK and Ireland of EHI said:

“‘We are delighted to be able to support our network with this important initiative and help invest in the future talent of the vehicle repair industry’.

AutoRaise were appointed as administrators of the initiative previously and Jen Evans, AutoRaise Business Executive was only too happy to offer their service again saying, “Enterprise were one of the first to market with this brilliant initiative a few years ago and as they are an existing partner, I am delighted to add our support and assistance to the programme again. We recognize previous challenges but have now come up with a streamlined process to make it both easier for young people to join our amazing industry and equally better for repairers.”

The Levy Transfer opportunity has proved to be a successful way of larger, levy paying companies, exercising their corporate social responsibility. There are a few government restrictions; for example, the levy cannot be used for existing apprentices, only new starters who are placed on a new apprenticeship standard. For those employers who do not have experience employing apprentices under the new standards, the AutoRaise team will help guide the process, including discussion around the recruitment of young people and signposting businesses to approved training providers. Vice Chair Steve Thompson said, ” I am so pleased with how Enterprise, acknowledge the need to attract young people in order for the continued repair of their own fleet of vehicles, it really is commendable.”

This latest pledge to fund apprentices follows Enterprise’s continued commitment to the apprenticeship programme and support of AutoRaise. Enterprise have put social mobility at its core of its approach to emerging talent, supporting individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. Focusing on social mobility in the UK ensures the new pledge also supports Enterprise’s overall commitment to social mobility and everyday inclusion.

For anyone requiring further information on this initiative, please contact AutoRaise direct at

Jen Evans
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