Vehicle Repairers

Nurturing new talent together

We work with vehicle repairers to ensure that Apprentices are given the support, guidance and encouragement they need to develop and excel.

We also liaise with Training Providers and parents to help maximise the Apprentice's potential and nourish their commitment.

This not only aides the successful completion of their chosen Apprenticeship but also safeguards their future as a valued member of the industry. We provide all the tools needed to motivate, measure and support your Apprentices through these exciting times as they embark upon their new career in vehicle repair.

Get Involved! We stand ready to help the sector avoid a skills crisis.

Take on an Apprentice

Take on Apprentices in your own bodyshop and have a hand in providing training and mentoring the future owners, managers and leaders in the collison repair industry!

Affiliated Repairers

Support your industry charity by becoming an AutoRaise Affiliated Repairer. Whether you’re a large group or a single-site operation – support AutoRaise’s work with monthly contributions.

We've staged events far and wide across the UK as we bid to spread the word about the value of apprenticeships.

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