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Vehicle Repairers: please support your industry charity by becoming an AutoRaise Affiliated Repairer.

We request a £50 per month financial contribution commitment and in turn, you will become a proud Ambassador for the charity and will automatically be enrolled as an official AutoRaise Affiliated Repairer.

AutoRaise is building its network of AutoRaise Affiliated Repairers who benefit from a number of AutoRaise support features designed to make the nurturing of new talent even more straightforward:

  • We can assist in student mentoring, providing “best practice” guidance and a channel for Employer / Apprentice mediation.
  • Facilitate communication between parents, schools and colleges, and engage with Training Providers.
  • Work together with Affiliated Repairers as hosts of AutoRaise Industry Showcase Events to support event planning and provide marketing and PR materials.
  • AutoRaise maintains a continual dialogue with Affiliated Repairers regarding potential AutoRaise Cadets and Apprentices.

These aids and support are provided with one aim – to make the Apprentice experience a positive one for all stakeholders.

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The information you submit via this contact form will only be used to help facilitate the employment of young people in the vehicle accident repair industry in order to address its ongoing skills crisis. For further information on how we use and store your data, please see our Privacy Notice.

Take on an Apprentice

Take on Apprentices in your own bodyshops and have a hand in training and mentoring the future owners, managers and leaders in our industry!

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