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To maximise the AutoRaise Charity's positive momentum, we are actively seeking financial support from all industry stakeholders.

AutoRaise, like every other charity, has been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and is now asking every single stakeholder in the industry (insurers, work providers, product manufacturers, refinish distributors or suppliers, systems and service providers, and training providers) to give their support and do their bit to make sure there is a sustainable workforce for the future of the UK vehicle repair industry. We need to ensure our industry continues to find young people to put into technical apprenticeships. With an ageing, qualified workforce and no transferable skills from other sectors, THIS IS THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR THE FUTURE VIABILITY OF THE UK VEHICLE REPAIR INDUSTRY.

We ask any organisation that relies on vehicle repairers to survive and profit to make a contribution to the charity. In return, your company’s logo will be on the AutoRaise website partners page and can be linked to your own website. Additionally you will also be exclusive recipients of future AutoRaise newsletters and be the first to be asked to participate in unique initiatives and campaigns to help an increased understanding of the charity’s activities with repairers across the country.

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The information you submit via this contact form will only be used to help facilitate the employment of young people in the vehicle accident repair industry in order to address its ongoing skills crisis. For further information on how we use and store your data, please see our Privacy Notice.

Take on an Apprentice

Take on Apprentices in your own bodyshops and have a hand in training and mentoring the future owners, managers and leaders in our industry!

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