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Showcasing our industry apprentices – Jessica Lawrence

Jessica Lawrence was a visitor at Fix Auto Loughborough's 2017 Industry Showcase Event, held in conjunction with AutoRaise to showcase its bodyshop and recruit apprentices.

She began her apprenticeship, following the Accident Repair Technician Standard, in October 2018 and is now completing 20% of her training at EMTEC, Notts.

Jess is the only female technician in her group at EMTEC and the first female apprentice at Fix Auto Loughborough. She recalls of her first day: “It was daunting but everyone was really nice.”

Jess has mentor Faye and “buddy” skilled technician Dan supporting her daily with technical learning and wraparound guidance to develop her confidence and soft skills. Her proudest achievement is completing a sill repair alone on a Fiat 500.

She highly recommends an apprenticeship and has already persuaded friends to take this route. To other young women, she says: “There are lots of women in the industry and everyone is very welcoming.”

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