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Management apprenticeships – an option for vehicle repairers?

The percentage of Apprenticeships in management frameworks has increased rapidly over the last 10 years, with 83% of current 25-years-plus Apprentices following this path.

Analysis by further education pundits, FE Week, suggests it will rocket to top spot when the new Apprenticeship levy comes into play next April. When the levy kicks in, many employers will have a levy pot – and for many, the easiest way to make use of this funding will be to place existing employees on Management Apprenticeships.

This could, in theory, create the perfect “ladder” for vehicle repairers to up-skill their existing, experienced staff while creating space in which to pull in the next generation of talent.

However, there are concerns. The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) believes there could be a knock-on consequence of not enough levy money being available for non-levy-payers, or those exceeding their levy pot, meaning that companies could potentially spend their entire levy allowance on training managers aged 25 or more at the expense of new, entry-level staff.

AutoRaise trustee, Chris Oliver says: “while using Management Apprenticeships to up-skill existing staff is something bodyshop owners should certainly consider, it is important not to lose focus on getting new blood into the industry. The skills shortage can only be addressed by creating a talent “flow” – young people entering the industry, remaining in the industry and rising through the ranks as their careers progress.”

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