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Meeting new talent head on

Amid current calls for schools and government to do more to promote Apprenticeships as an alternative to further education, AutoRaise is approaching talent head on to raise awareness of and motivate enthusiasm for Vehicle Repair industry careers.

AutoRaise CEO, Bob Linwood explains: “very early on we identified that the biggest problem in attracting new blood to the industry is that young people, their parents and career advisors are simply not aware it exists, let alone what it has to offer! Through our direct engagement with schools, our interactive Industry Showcase Events and supportive Apprentice network, we aim to not only extoll the virtues of vehicle repair but also the real benefits of the Apprenticeship route.”

According to the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), schools are not the only hurdle when it comes to encouraging Apprenticeships, parents can be very “stuck in the mud” and Dad’s in particular are guilty of a “there’s no way you’re doing an Apprenticeship, you’re going to university” attitude.

“Another high-value aspect of our Industry Showcase Events is that parents are able to gain a comprehensive insight into our industry, talk to existing Apprenticeships, employees and business owners and see the attraction for their child. Moreover, they can see the passion growing in their son or daughter as they try the practical activities and everything clicks – they start to see a realistic alternative to other employment opportunities, further education or university.”

The new AutoRaise Careers website,, has been specifically created to engage young people (and their parents) and provides a motivational first point of contact. The interactive “Apprentice Zone” gives potential candidates unique insights and practical advice and will be developed over the coming months into a comprehensive support tool, including bringing potential and existing Apprentices together for mutual benefit.

“AutoRaise aims to be the “fuse” that ignites young people’s passion for vehicle repair – we will be with them during those first steps to advise, motivate and support as they start their career.”

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