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AutoRaise are delighted to announce the preliminary sponsors for the 2022 AutoRaise Rally.

This high energy Rally will have 2 Supporting Sponsors and 9 Pit Stop Sponsors along with a Gala Dinner Sponsor, Grid Breakfast (Day 1) and Entertainment Centre Stage Sponsor for the 2022 edition of the event; with SYNETIQ, Egertons Recovery Group and Service Certainty becoming sponsors of the event for the first time while S&G Response, NWVA, Prasco, 4Elms Group, Motofix, Sherwin Williams, ABP and Thatcham Research continue their dedicated support to the AutoRaise Rally.

The 2022 AutoRaise Rally of West Midlands and Mid Wales will comprise of 12 stages in a mix of amazing landscapes as well as multiple brand-new challenges which will be sure to test the most experienced teams in the Rally.

Speaking about the announcement, Sarah, Hirst, Clients & Green Parts Director from SYNETIQ said, “We’re proud to be a supporting sponsor of the AutoRaise Rally 2022, held on 21st – 23rd September – where organisations up and down the country come together to take part in a 370-mile road trip to attract new talent to the Vehicle Repair industry. We pledge to support AutoRaise and our partners in attracting the next generation through apprenticeships and education as we believe engaging young people is crucial to reducing the skills gap and unlocking untapped business potential – especially as bodyshops, garages and accident management companies remain at the heart of our industry.”

It is also the first time Egerton’s Recovery Group have come on board as Supporting sponsors to the AutoRaise Rally. Gavin Calthorpe, Commercial Director with Egerton’s Recovery Group, said, “We are proud to sponsor the AutoRaise Rally which has always been a highly anticipated event on the industry calendar and this year appears like it will be the ultimate challenge for any Rally crew. It is great to see the AutoRaise Rally back after a tough two years for the country and everyone, so hopefully it will bring a bit of joy back for the teams and fans and give a good boost to the local economies in Mid Wales”

Rebecca Hyslop, Manager at Tynrhyd Retreat Centre where the Festival Evening is being held said, “After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we are delighted to welcome the AutoRaise Rally event to Tynrhyd and the village of Devil’s Bridge. It has been a challenging number of years for everybody, and all the staff look forward to welcoming everyone on site. I know that Jen has been very busy planning this event and I would like to wish all participants the best as the event kicks off in September.”

We are pleased to welcome Service Certainty who are the sponsors of the Entertainment Centre Stage at the Festival, seeing performances from a live band, The Wilderminds and a former tour DJ for the popular Ministry of Sound, Nilesh Parmar. Richard Eadie, Operations Director said, “We are thrilled to be supporting the AutoRaise Rally by deploying a drone pilot from our network who will be capturing aerial footage of the event. We’ll also be providing a digital image capture service for all attendees to upload their pictures throughout the rally. We look forward to seeing all the photos and wish everyone a safe and enjoyable trip.”

David Cresswell, Chairman of ABP said, “ABP are delighted to be supporting the AutoRaise 2022 Rally by sponsoring the breakfast on Day 1 of what promises to be a fantastic industry event. AutoRaise is doing great work in helping to resolve the issues around apprenticeships, and labour shortages in our industry. The trustees are dedicated to driving through the measures that need to be taken to ensure we have a sustainable workforce in the future, so we want to support this important work however we can. Good luck to all the drivers and team members for the event, we at ABP are so excited to wave you off as you leave Stratford-Upon-Avon.”

2022 will mark a special year for the event, as it is the first one since the COVID pandemic. Jennifer Evans, from AutoRaise said, “Since we chose the date, I have been full steam ahead with the organising whilst juggling all the daily operations for the charity. I cannot wait for this year’s Rally and with it being my first one, I have definitely felt the pressure, but hopefully my hard work will pay off and this will not only be a record year in terms of the challenging route, but also with regards to the fundraising that our fantastic teams are doing. All the money raised will ensure the hard work we do for the industry will continue at the same pace. In the last 12 months we have helped to place nearly 500 apprentices into our industry which I am extremely proud of.”

Steve Thompson, AutoRaise Vice-Chair said, “This year’s Rally will be one of the most challenging to date, however I know that it is going to be amazing. There will be some great adventures along the way, and we are taking in some of the UK’s finest scenery. The Festival theme is something that I am really looking forward to and I just want to raise as much money as possible to give back to the industry to ensure we secure young talent for the future of our incredible industry.”

If your organisation is interested in being a sponsor for this event, please contact Jen direct at; there are a few options still available.

The AutoRaise Rally takes place from September 21-23rd and with over 70 cars in the line-up, we want to thank all our sponsors and, more importantly the teams who have stepped up to support us at an incredibly busy time within their own business.

Jennifer Evans
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